Greeting Cards

Leaders in the design, manufacturing and distribution of greeting cards and posters


Small cards. Dimensions: 7×5 cm.
Different designs for all styles…
The ideal greeting card for a present…
Or to send with flowers.

Tarjetas standard

Standard cards. Dimensions: 13×8 cm.
New and original!
Embossed with felt, balloons, mirrors, pop-ups and more surprises… many surprises.

Tarjetas medianas

Medium cards. Dimensions: 26×36 cm.
Surprise everybody with the most original collection of medium-size cards.


Large cards. Dimensions: 50×35 cm.
Say it big!
Large greeting cards with felt toys, mirrors… and humor…lots of humor!


Catalan. We have a wide variety of cards in Catalan … in all formats and for all occasions!


Display stands. We have a great variety of display stands to satisfy our clients’ needs.
Floor, desktop stands… Also in triangular or square shape. Our stands can display all our products together.

Greeting cards with balloons, felt, mirrors, candles, springs…

The greatest variety and most attractive greeting cards available in the market!
Greeting cards for all occasions: birthdays, weddings, newborn babies, farewell, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, friendship, anniversaries…